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Outsourcing Professionals

Skilled, qualified accounting, bookkeeping and admin staff to help you grow your business.

What is The Back Room?

The Back Room increases your business capacity by outsourcing accounting, admin, legal, sales and marketing professionals. We bring on skilled, qualified staff who will help you grow your business.

Our proven approach is a smart way for firms looking for that extra edge to access professional workforce support .

​ Key Benefits

  • Qualified, skilled and professional workforce on hand
  • Accounting and bookkeeping staff are Xero certified
  • In-house training for new recruits - more about on-boarding
  • Cost effective and time efficient – see our savings calculator
  • A dynamic and modern work force – meet some of our team
  • High quality compliance work
  • Win, win relationship for the firm and external staff
Total estimated savings by using The Back Room
  • 4Number of employees
  • $30Current wage cost per hour
  • $157,530
    The estimated savings above are made up of salary savings and overhead savings. Salary savings are based on a 40 hour week and with the BPO Fee charged converted to a hourly rate and included in PHP wage. Overhead savings are made up of Rent, Telephone, Office Furniture and Computers, Licences and Subscriptions, ACC and Super Contributions, Software costs, Professional Development, Power and Sundry Staff Costs.
[  {    'output': [      {        'saving': 18.5,        'savingMonth': 12826.67,        'savingYear': 153920,        'savingTotal': 157530,        'currency': 'NZD',        'currencyRate': 1,        'currencySymbol': '$'      }    ],    'input': [      {        'computer': '450',        'furniture': '120',        'telephone': '300',        'industryVal': 'Qualified Accountants',        'industryWage': '11.50',        'subscription': '646',        'rent': '1500',        'ACC': '94',        'other': '500',        'employeeCost': 3610,        'employeeNum': '4',        'wagePerHour': '30'      }    ]  }]

We find outsourced staff for these industries:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Marketing