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Work-life balance and mutual respect core values for successful BPOs

At the Back Room we pride ourselves on the high calibre of our BPO (business process outsourcing) staff. This starts with recruiting high quality graduate and experienced accountants and bookkeepers. We then focus on creating a vibrant team culture, maintaining good work-life balance and providing comprehensive staff training and development programs.

With the focus firmly on our off-shore staff, we talked to some of our Philippines team members about what it’s like working at The Back Room Philippines office in Clark.

Mary Rose Santos, Junior Accountant

There are a lot of opportunities in different sectors for a recent CPA graduate like me. The usual advice is to start getting your experience as an auditor. However, in the midst of ever-developing technology and globalization, the BPO industry started booming. Starting my career here I now realise that it’s better to deepen your accounting knowledge first before you can confidently audit financials or teach students.

Different factors must be considered in picking the right job. For me the most promising job is one where there’s work-life balance supported by the company; with continuous personal and career development; a company that knows and recognizes families and treats employees as human beings with different roles, and not as robots nor mere tools for increasing the company’s wealth.

It’s priceless to have time for yourself, friends, family, and for your faith. It’s more important to have an overall life harmony than to have a big title on career alone, because no matter how great one’s credentials and experiences might be, one moment can change everything. Job positions can always be replaced but not the precious time we spend with our loved ones. Livelihood to me means working for the present benefit and as an investment, not earning money for medication later in life just because you have abused your health while you were young.

For the six months I’ve been working at TBR, I can testify that I have that work-life balance. In fact, I mostly leave the office on the dot. In terms of health, I’m able to spend my break times with no pressure. Compared to when I was studying, I’m able to sleep and socialize more. Imagine not having to worry about work matters after work hours, I really feel that I’m free from the university days of homework and reviews.

Indeed, what I’ve read from various articles about the secret to employee effectiveness and efficiency is correct! The secret is work-life harmony emphasizing the domino effect of complete hours of sleep and good mood from quality time given for relationship-building. This is one of the discoveries that the BPO industry has started applying.

It’s also a good opportunity for me to be a part of a start-up BPO company where I can learn and witness how it grows and how it responds to changing demands. In terms of career development, I encounter different industries and types of business, though this depends on the client’s set-up to which one is assigned. Aside from knowing about New Zealand accounting, I have also become familiar with Xero software. I have become more equipped with learning supported through teamwork of both our offshore and onshore staff.

Lastly, I cannot fully describe my experience here without mentioning the big client to which I’m assigned to. I am grateful to be a part of this team. They have given me opportunity, time, and inspiration: opportunity for hiring me when I didn’t have experience, time to develop me to be fit for the tasks, and inspiration by challenging me to be more productive with sincere and direct evaluations. TBR really did well in choosing to build good relations with this client. Overall, I’m happy working here. 

Hannah Antonio, Junior Accountant

I am glad to be part of the promising industry that The Back Room is in. Professionals nowadays are very multidimensional, able to work in a hassle-free and cloud-based environment. This thought lets me envision the innovative and modern accountant that I want to be at The Back Room.

As a junior accountant, I aspire for growth and challenge. I am very thankful that The Back Room caters sufficient training and help in various work concerns. The bosses really concern themselves with the employees’ growth. Also, the work environment is light, so that going to work every day feels exciting.

​Jomerl Buenafe, Junior Accountant

It excites me every morning to know that I will be working in the office where people are always willing to help and also willing to learn from the different tasks that we face in our jobs. Working feels light because you know that there is a family that will always be at your back. The environment is stress-free and everybody is smart and happy. I’m really glad to be part of this amazing team! 

​John Matias, Junior Accountant

What I enjoy the most about my work is the sense of camaraderie between my colleagues and the balance between work and life. Some were scared silly with the concept of the corporate world and its vicious Machiavellian craft. At least, that's how it would be with most corporate settings.

But not in The Back Room, we are a team in the purest sense. I've always liked how the seniors are always there, ready to give a helping hand.

​Reneerose Manabat, Intermediate Accountant

Every employee seeking a job wants a company with a nice working environment, that values work-life balance and that gives them the opportunity to grow, not only as an individual but as a professional - and that's exactly what The Back Room is like.

I am just one of the newbies here but people at The Back Room made it easy for me to adjust. Everyone is friendly, approachable and is very willing to help me whenever needed. Lots of things to learn that excite me every time.

I’m glad to be part of this company - a very nice workplace indeed!

Jayson Obillo, Senior Accountant

I am very thankful with The Back Room for allowing me to be part of this awesome team! The 'Never Me, Always We' culture is a delight. Co-workers are very accommodating and helpful.  Bosses are very kind and supportive.

It's a family of professionals helping each other. Happy and blessed to be part of this team!

JD David, Junior Accountant

It's new for me to be working for a company that promotes work-life balance. The work environment is great. I love how my colleagues are very supportive.

Working on a regular shift with no work on weekends is great. It gives me more time to spend with other important matters like family, reading and other leisure activities.

The bosses here are also very supportive, they provide us with enough training to be able to handle our assigned tasks and, not only that, they are very appreciative about our work accomplishments, even small tasks. It makes me want to perform well at work every day!

​Christine Gomez, Junior Accountant

To be part of The Back Room team is a great privilege. The company provides the opportunity to professionals to show and improve their capabilities. It’s a company that promotes unity and not competition among employees.

After a month of being part of the company I can actually say that the bosses really care for their employees. I am able to spend more quality time with my family because of the five working days. It's fun to be part of The Back Room.

​Kimverly De Leon, Intermediate Accountant

Being part of a company that supports not just your career growth but also your personal growth is really great. At The Back Room you will not feel too much stress in work because you've got the whole team's support.

It seems like I’ve found a second home because of the bond formed with the team. What I like the most with my job is having a work life balance, I have a lot of time to spend with my family and friends and to pursue my other personal goals.

​Lae Limpin, Bookkeeper

I consider myself very blessed to be one of the first staff to join The Back Room – a company that enhanced my abilities and made me as competent as I am now.

Working here has been the turning point of my career so far. I’ve been to other companies but I never thought that having work-life balance plus a stress-free environment would be possible, especially for us in the accounting field. That’s one great thing I found here at TBR.

Also our bosses treat us not just as employees but like their own family. They are so appreciative and never fail to remind us that we can always excel in whatever kind of work we are given.


If you like the sound of working at The Back Room, we are hiring qualified accountants, graduate accountants and bookkeepers. See our recruitment page for more details, or to apply for a position.