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Keeping our team a step ahead!

The Philippines is well known for its high calibre, well-trained professional workforce. Part of the reason for this is the government’s requirement for professionals to continue their learning after their qualifications are attained.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs help ensure that Filipinos in regulated professions maintain their competence and become more competitive in the international labour market. A very smart way to gain competitive advantage!

CPD programs

Accredited CPD programs offer a credit for every hour spent training. In the case of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), the training threshold is particularly high. 120 credits must be attained every three years.

The 120 credit requirement is double what it was a year ago and it now means that accountants must attend 15 eight-hour seminars or training sessions every three years to retain their professional licence. That’s one week of training every year!

​CPD can be onerous for staff

Given the high cost of the CPD programs (Php30,000, over NZ$800), the time required to attend and the days of lost income, there is a lot of pressure on accountants. Unfortunately, some are unable to fulfill the requirements to retain their licenses. 

Here at The Back Room we work closely with our team to keep them up to date.

The Back Room team is on the front foot

By officially accrediting our on-boarding training, which every CPA and even non-CPA undergoes on their initial week at The Back Room, we are supporting our employees through this process.

As a CPD accredited program we provide 40 CPD units to staff at no cost to them. So after their on-boarding training, every new employee is already one third of the way through their three year renewal requirement.

We will keep on doing this going forward so that employees have at least 40 units each year, or 120 units at the end of three years. This is enough for accountants to secure their licenses and maintain their CPA status.

The Back Room training program is unique in two way. Firstly, we cover topics specifically related to New Zealand accounting and taxation. And also, we are the only BPO (Business Process Outsourcing company) providing CPD accredited courses for staff. 

​CPD units achieved

Congratulations to our new and existing CPA staff who have recently attained 40 CPD units during their five day on boarding and training sessions this month.

Sharon, Nicole, Cate, Juvy

Nina, Edward John, Reneerose

Rose, Pearl, Ivy

Jomerl, Arianne, Rebecca, Jayson, Joy

Christine, JD, Kimverly

Arjelyn, Eunice

​More training programs to come

We are currently drafting plans to launch our own seminars which will be open, not just for The Back Room staff, but also for CPAs working for other companies.

At The Back Room we believe that providing training programs and enhanced learning opportunities is not only beneficial for the effectiveness and well-being our staff, it is also advantageous for our clients who benefit from the high calibre of work we are able to provide.

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