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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why outsourcing?

There are three main reasons to outsource:

1. Availability of qualified staff
Worldwide it is harder to find qualified staff. You can solve that problem by creating an off-shore outsourced team with expertise in your industry, thus future-proofing your business.

2. Pressure to reduce pricing
With the advent of cloud technology, such as Xero, we are seeing pressure to reduce fees, particularly in accounting and other technology-based industries. Having an off-shore team ensures that you can be competitive and ahead of the game.

3. It’s cost effective
Employing staff is costly! Not only do you have to pay wages you have other costs as well such as superannuation, ACC and insurance levies, subscriptions and licences, increased rental and occupancy costs as well as HR and management costs. Having an off-shore team definitely saves you money. 

Where is The Back Room?

The door to The Back Room is in Wanaka, New Zealand, but the actual room itself is in Clark, in the Philippines.

Why The Philippines?

The Back Room gains expertise because of an abundance of skilled labour in the Philippines. They have a strong education system producing an intelligent and skilled workforce who has little access to professional work. We work from the Philippines because this creates a win-win situation where our staff have access to well-paid, good working conditions and the opportunity to apply their degrees in a professional environment.

What are the work conditions like for The Back Room staff?

Our staff are based in professional offices in Clark, Philippines. The working conditions are not too dissimilar to working conditions in Western countries. We visit our staff regularly and speak with them daily to manage morale, culture and well-being. Given the remote nature of the work force we have developed an ethics policy to ensure we uphold safe and professional working conditions, provide fair remuneration and exceed local standards of employment. Our goal is to provide a better life for our staff in the Philippines by providing them professional work.

What is your security like?

We take security seriously! Our staff work in a secure, safe environment. Not only are they safe, your information is kept confidential and safe too!

How about online security?

Our systems have extra layers of safety. Our off shore staff do not have access to external passwords; we provide them access through our highly secure systems. We have software installed to oversee activity and ensure a record of operations is in place at all times. The facility in which we work in the Philippines has an additional layer of spyware and virus protection.

How do the fees work?

We charge a monthly Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) fee plus the direct wage costs and one-off set up fees. Find out more detail on our pricing page.

Who do you recruit for The Back Room team?

We recruit a variety of professionals including qualified accountants and bookkeepers, as well as admin, legal and sales and marketing staff. The qualified accountants that work for us generally have years of experience in bigger firms. Some come from an audit background and some are graduates.